Our Process

We provide comprehensive leasing, development, and site selection services to clients in both the private and public sectors. There are four key elements in CGI’s success.

CGI works with all its tenant/buyer clients on an Exclusive Representation basis.

The Agreement not only enables us to provide the best quality service, but also generates a competitive edge on multiple sides of potential transactions. Because all parties know that CGI speaks with the voice of the Client, credibility is maximized, the time required to craft deals is minimized, and ultimately everybody benefits.

CGI offers a menu of services.

Our services are comprised of everything from market research, to site selection, to contract negotiation and demographics. We provide inside information and insight on landlords and tenants, future development, trends, and competition. Once we understand the Client’s criteria, we recommend a Scope of Services that helps achieve stated goals and milestones. To see CGI’s full list of services, click here.

CGI becomes an expert in your business.

We learn as much about you, your concept, your inclinations, and your corporate culture as is humanly possible. We generate solutions that satisfy your precise needs and subtle preferences. Every aspect of our work is tailored to you and your situation—there is no one size fits all.

We get to work. All of us.

When clients work with CGI, five of us bring individual expertise to the table where we focus on your business. Each CGI team member does the work at which she is most proficient. Our commitment is to secure the kind of real estate and/or retail partner that facilitates long-term success. The team approach means that we work together; each of us receives a set percentage of every dollar that comes into CGI thereby eliminating internal competition.
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“For the past 10 years La Boulange and CGI have developed a unique relationship. In CGI, we have found a perfect partner who shares our values and our passion for our brand. CGI has proven over time that success in commercial real estate starts with a clear understanding of the needs of the client, an expert knowledge of the market place and an entrepreneur’s sense of timing. It’s a really good feeling to be able to call the team at CGI “friends”.”

Pascal Rigo
Founder, Bay Bread Group