Our Advantage

Our work with tenants has provided us with a steady stream of restaurant and retail people who can attest to the effectiveness of our advocacy and assistance. We are confident of our ability to match people, concepts and real estate to the best effect. Here’s why:

We know the business inside and out.

We not only understand the brokerage and real estate businesses, but also the retail, restaurant, hospitality, specialty food, and related retail businesses. We understand the strategy of site selection and the importance of details in making real estate decisions. Our in-depth knowledge of the industry helps secure the right space and/or retail partners.

The Halo Effect

We’re fortunate to represent many great restaurants and super cool brands. Time after time, we’ve seen the success and prestige of one client rub off on other clients. People know we represent the best, and as a result, private and pre-market opportunities come to us. This “halo” often leads to success in competitive markets such as San Francisco, San Jose, Los Angeles, Seattle and Portland, among others.

We take our relationships and the connections between them seriously.

Open lines of communication with local government agencies, other real estate professionals, retailers, and restaurateurs throughout the country enable CGI to provide relevant and timely information regarding competitor sales, development plans, and new opportunities. As a result, we frequently learn about potential availabilities long before they hit the market.

We’ve navigated a wide range of markets.

Since CGI opened its doors 23 years ago, we’ve steered our way through a wide range of economic and real estate circumstances. As a matter of course, we help clients take advantage of challenges creating opportunities out of obstacles, and navigating real estate markets to secure space in the most competitive venues.


My business is a business of relationships. Relationships is the business cornerstone of CGI. The CGI team have developed relationships across a broad spectrum of the hospitality industry. They are the connection between the talent and the stage.

If I need a new home to exhibit my craft CGI can find venues for me. I have built my brand on a commitment to hospitality,consistency and trust. Trust, commitment and success is the trademark of CGI.

Henry Archer Meer
Proprietor, City Hall Restaurant