Our “finger on the pulse” knowledge of retail and development markets is recognized throughout the country. Here is what some of our clients are saying.

Willie Brown“…Carol’s reputation acknowledges her as the premier restaurant expert in Northern California… The bottom line is that she is a really smart lady with a lot of good ideas and she would be an asset to any project.”

Willie Brown, Jr.
41st Mayor of San Francisco, political columnist for the San Francisco Chronicle

Adriano Paganini“I have been working with Carol Gilbert and CGI for over two decades; their level of commitment and attention to detail is remarkable.But most important to me, I feel like we are part of the same team and I can trust them 100% and not just their expertise but also that they are working selflessly on my side to protect my interests.”

Adriano Paganini
Restaurateur – Beretta, Delarosa, Lolinda, Super Duper Burger, Starbelly

photo by Spencer Brown

PascalRigo“For the past 10 years La Boulange and CGI have developed a unique relationship. In CGI, we have found a perfect partner who shares our values and our passion for our brand. CGI has proven over time that success in commercial real estate starts with a clear understanding of the needs of the client, an expert knowledge of the market place and an entrepreneur’s sense of timing. It’s a really good feeling to be able to call the team at CGI “friends”.”

Pascal Rigo
Founder, Bay Bread Group

Tes_Monique_Moyer“I have known Carol Gilbert for 16 years… Throughout several economic cycles, I have observed Carol’s understanding of her clients needs, ability to problem-solve and penchant for long-term success. She is direct, honest, and extremely thoughtful and will propose meaningful advice, not just the easy ideas or the ‘in’ strategies.”

Monique Moyer
Executive Director, Port of San Francisco

John Martin“…Carol is very passionate about San Francisco and her work, and can be counted on to be a fully engaged and competent contributor to any project she takes on.”

John L. Martin
Airport Director, San Francisco International Airport

ErinBrooks“People say that Carol Gilbert is the best retail/restaurant broker in Northern California. She brings a passion and commitment to retail leasing that is unparalleled and intrinsically tied to her encyclopedic knowledge of the Bay Area. No brokers work harder for their clients than the group at CGI. My partner and I attribute Tropisueño’s success in very large part to Carols’ insistence on securing our location in Yerba Buena Lane. Creative negotiating and serious skill put us right where we needed to be.”

Erin Brooks
Co-owner, Tropisueno

Christopher Meany“For more than twenty years, Carol Gilbert has brought us the best retailers. She has always represented them aggressively but treated us fairly. Her market knowledge is deep and she is always value add.”

Christopher Meany
Wilson Meany

Cass Caulder Smith“As an architect, I have worked with Carol Gilbert for over twenty years on numerous projects. Many of the successful restaurants that I have designed have been brokered though her – one of note is the highly acclaimed Perbacco. What I like about Carol is that she knows a lot about architecture and understands how important it is to a project’s success. Her understanding creates a keen ability to visualize how a commercial space can be transformed. In addition, she and her team are very smart, professional, and are all about delivering for their clients and working as a team.”

Cass Calder Smith, AIA
CCS Architecture

John Marcovici“CGI’s team of dedicated professionals worked with my brothers and me to get our Jack’s Restaurant and Bar great locations in the Bay Area. They weren’t just our Brokers; they helped us crystalize our concept and package it in a way that garnered great interest in a crowded market. With their all-around efforts, we became the Landlord’s favorite option for a premier location on the Peninsula. They worked with us through lease negotiations, helped us overcome any and all obstacles, and pushed for advantageous terms. They are tenacious advocates for our business and are always working on our behalf to grow the brand in other locations.Thank you Carol, Jackie, Sharon, Aubriana and Catherine for all the faith and effort. We couldn’t have done Jack’s Restaurant and Bar without you!”

John Marcovici
Co-owner, Jack’s Restaurant & Bar

Bob Burke“Over the years CGI has provided invaluable insight into the various real estate markets we are in or are considering. They have proven to be smart, resourceful and diligent.”

Bob Burke
President of Ovation Restaurant & Hospitality

Tes_HenryArcher“My business is a business of relationships. Relationships are the business cornerstone of CGI. The CGI team have developed relationships across a broad spectrum of the hospitality industry. They are the connection between the talent and the stage.If I need a new home to exhibit my craft CGI can find venues for me. I have built my brand on a commitment to hospitality, consistency and trust. Trust, commitment and success is the trademark of CGI.”

Henry Archer Meer
Proprietor, City Hall Restaurant

Erin Archuleta Ichi Sushi“Carol Gilbert is a knowledge-leader in the brokerage industry. A San Franciscan, with ties to the larger community, she is truly dedicated not only to her clients, but to her city as well. We are honored to work with Carol and are excited to grow our business with her wise counsel and strong relationship capital.”

Erin Archuleta
Partner, ICHI Sushi

Robert Lam Butterfly“Carol Gilbert and CGI have been instrumental in our growth and expansion through the last 14 years. She has helped us with both obtaining and extending our leases at Butterfly on the Embarcadero and Eastside West in the Marina. She has guided us through numerous ventures both within and beyond the Bay Area. Carol and her team not only provide professional advice, but also have the gumption to speak at a personal, more subjective level of advocacy. CGI helps us refine concepts and lay the foundation for long term financial success. There is no doubt in my mind that CGI and Carol Gilbert make their clients goals their own.”

Robert Lam
Butterfly and Eastside West

GordonDrysdale“Carol and her team have done an amazing job of representing us in a professional and creative light. They know their locations and demographics and have great relationships with landlords and developers. They don’t just give you an educated guess; their numbers are backed up by data and years of experience following business trends. We wouldn’t consider opening a new location without consulting with them.”

Gordon Drysdale

“…I have opened and project managed more than 30 new restaurants in the greater Bay Area.

Every location was carefully selected by CGI.

Every location has been a winner. Luck has nothing to do with making the right deal. It all comes down to experience and understanding what works.

When they say ‘Location, Location, Location’, there is nobody that understands this better than CGI.”

David Weiss
President, DevelopSmart, Inc.